Insurance providers constantly have to compete for new customers. One of the overriding factors for obtaining new customers is overall customer satisfaction. Aggressive competition, constantly changing market requirements and new regulations are some of the main challenges the industry is facing.

  1. Can you decisively respond to new challenges and opportunities?
  2. Who will be your most important customers and competitors, and what are your customer expectations?
  3. How can you get better understand your customer needs?
  4. Is your business nimble and innovative enough to compete with new entrants?

By using Office Voice recording and Office Pro monitoring and reporting it is possible to; monitor agents, grade their performance, discover new customers and cross sell additional products increasing sales and business efficiency. By monitoring samples of voice recordings and utilising associated analytical report data allows you identify trends and home in on customer needs, whilst maintaining customer service and satisfaction.

Office Voice and Office Pro will:

  • Record all inbound/outbound calls
  • Easily find & retrieve call recordings
  • Securely access recordings by user logon
  • Extract, export or email whole or particular sections of call recordings
  • Add notes to recordings and calls
  • Reduce your liability
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Automatically archive recordings
  • Provide live graphical performance monitoring of agents and groups
  • Provide historic user agent and group reporting
  • Deliver service level monitoring with SLA reporting

Office Solutions products help identify market demands and focus initiatives to deliver the best possible return on investment for future marketing and advertising.