All healthcare providers need to maintain records to reduce liability ensuring regulatory compliance imposed by government bodies and adhere to stringent regulations. In many cases documentation of telephone calls, conversations and business transactions are mandatory or legal requirements.

Call recording helps protect providers against malpractice or false claims by patients when providing medical care and advice over the phone. If you organisation provides advice and service over your phone system, it is essential to record all of your calls.

Call management software provides the analytics to track performance and monitor levels of customer service.

Office Voice & Office Pro will:

  • Record all inbound/outbound calls
  • Safeguard regulatory compliance
  • Protect liability
  • Provide agent and group call/contact centre monitoring & reporting
  • Automatically archive recordings
  • All call recordings securely encrypted
  • Easily find & retrieve call recordings
  • Securely access recordings by user logon
  • Make notes on specific calls & flag at risk calls
  • Extract, export or email particular sections of call recordings
  • Provide audit trail of conversations and associated documentation

Office Voice Recorders cover small, medium and large healthcare service organizations.

  • Office Voice Compact provides a cost effective, robust solution for small to medium doctor’s health centres.
  • Office Voice Ultimate for larger hospitals and providers has a greater capacity and additional call recording, tracking & management features.

All Office Voice recorders can handle multiple physical locations that need to be recorded. Essential call and recorder reporting are included with all Office Voice products and the optional addition of Office Pro licensing provides additional; agent, group and auto attendant monitoring and reporting.