Remarkable Office Business Solution

Office Solutions that lets you visualize the information you require
making better and more intelligent business decisions which you can create dashboards
and graphical representations with a full range of data visualization.

Extensive Features of Office Solutions

  • Highly Intuitive Interface
  • Automate customer interaction handling
  • Prime Applications For Coaching and Monitoring Agents
  • Supreme Call Recording and Call Flow Visualizer
  • Integration of relevant information into a unified dashboard

Office Solutions?

Office Solutions™ is a range of software products developed by CommSoft RMS specifically designed to work with business telephone systems. With a fully modular and scalable software targeting real-world business requirements in small, medium and large businesses, Office solutions provide effective and affordable applications for all areas of call management, call reporting, call and contact centre, call recording, application integration CTI, hotels and hospitality.

“Check out The PBX system you want with all the features you need at a price you deserve!”

Our Products

Providing effective yet affordable solutions for all areas of call management, call and contact centres, call recording, CTI, hotels and hospitality. Increase performance, business efficiency and enhance customer experience.

Office Solutions

extensive fully integrated solutions for business telephone systems delivering the most complete, flexible appropriate solutions for your business with the support to fulfill.

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