Call Management

Intagate’s call logging, call accounting and call monitoring provide the analytical historical and real-time live tools that allow you to manage your companies; telephone system, call traffic and user or agent performance, increasing operational efficiency and productivity to drive sales and enhance customer service. 

Immediate benefits of implementing call management

  • Demonstrable return on investment
  • Improve customer experience
  • Report on staff productivity
  • Helps to drive efficiency
  • Information at your fingertips
  • React immediately to call peaks
  • Analyze call peaks and patterns
  • Reduce and react to abandoned calls
  • Set alarms for unusual call patterns

Office Express and Office Pro all provide cost effective industry leading call management features from the smallest business to larger multi-site organizations. Office Pro provides live real-time monitoring, supervision of groups, agents and call centre reporting,  plus the ability to deploy visual wallboards on large screens and desktops. Office Pro also includes all the call management features offered in the Express product.

Available Products: