Top 3 Reasons Your Business Needs Office Online

For any business to succeed, you need a call accounting and management solution to analyze its progress and gain a complete understanding of your efforts.  Here are the top three reasons why your business needs CommsOffice Online call accounting and how monitoring calls can assist you to optimize your business for success.

1. Measuring Return on Investment

Users can now access an extensive range of telephone system analytics which includes call center tracking, reporting, and voice recording.  Managers and supervisors can monitor their employees’ statistics and performance, whether real-time or historical, anywhere around the globe, using only the browser on any mobile device. With access to all these information, you now have a basis to examine and calculate your ROI giving you valuable insight that you can use to advance your marketing strategy.

2. Call recording

Call recording allows you to gather valuable feedback about your callers and employees.  Recording phone calls enables you to listen to conversations between callers and your customer service and provide tailored feedback to your employees.  With call recording, you will know what happens when customers call your business and can use this information to optimize training and marketing campaigns.

3. Advanced reporting

CommsOffice Online’s call tracking platform allows you to see calls in real-time to take your reporting to the next level.  It provides a wealth of valuable information allowing supervisors and managers to report on-site, department, group, agent, extension, trunk, service level agreement, or account codes.  Automatic Call Distribution reports are essential for reporting on telephone system group and individual agent performance such as call answer times and call abandonment rates.

CommsOffice Online’s powerful features allow businesses to get to know their customers and understand their behavior. Just by using a web browser, they can access an extensive and comprehensive range of telephone system analytics, including call center monitoring, reporting and voice recording for any size of business.

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