Staying on Top of Agents with a Call Monitoring System

Have you ever wished you could stay on top of your agents and guide them through their calls and daily operations to improve their performance? Just imagine how much more could be done and how much better things would be! With today’s technology – that kind of guidance isn’t a dream. It’s a reality that many contact center management teams are using to create better, more productive teams and happier customers.

CommsOffice Ultimate Call Recorder is specifically designed to allow your management team members to listen in on and record calls. This may sound straightforward and simple, but there are so many benefits to this technology that it has become indispensable to the modern contact center.

How does CommsOffice Ultimate Call Recorder can aid your contact center? There are actually multiple benefits, including those for your agents, your consumers, and your overall business.

First, there are benefits to your agents. The fastest learners are those who receive feedback from management team members who listen to real calls they’ve made and give them pointers based on those calls. Agents are able to work right away without disruption while supervisors are able to collect information from their calls in real-time to provide this feedback – all without taking away from the ever-increasing quality of their work. Call center agents who experience call monitoring are shown to provide better customer service and experiences to their callers over time – and to be more productive, as well.

Management team members benefit, too. Call monitoring makes it easier and faster than ever to train new call center agents. Feedback is easier to deliver, information is simple to gather, and agents and consumers don’t have to be disturbed during calls while listening takes place – unless a management team member decides to do so.

Recorded calls can be analyzed – often with the same software that is used to record them. This means that they can be dissected and the information that is gleaned from them can be used to improve future agent performance and customer experience.

Are you ready to maximize your contact center’s productivity with a call monitoring system? Contact the industry experts at CommSoft RMS.

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