Remote & Hybrid Working?

It’s now clear that a return to business with traditional working is consigned to history and new distributed working practices are the way forward. However, with new working practices come new challenges that have to be overcome.

In a recent survey over 70% of respondents recognize that their organization is realizing the benefits of remote work and can’t go back to the way they used to be, but nearly 39% of decision-makers surveyed worry their teams won’t stay on task when working remotely. Separate research showed that many expect permanent flexible working options post-pandemic.

Dr. Carl Benedikt Frey, director of the Future of Work Programme at Oxford University, commented: “For organizations to truly embrace the ‘work from anywhere’ model, managers will have to move away from monitoring inputs to focusing on output.”

How are businesses coping with these changes?

Throughout the pandemic, there has been a substantial increase in the use of call reporting, monitoring, and call usage data. Also the use of voice recording with its associated impact on business, compliance, customer experience, and staff performance. But things have changed in the way in which this data is being used. Previously data was mainly used to check sales performance or mandatory compliance, now it is seen as an essential must-have indicator of business health to monitor and assess new working practices.

New Online Dashboards

As part of several new features and facilities, CommSoft is introducing a series of new Online dashboards ensuring that remote teams and user call performance remains visible for all team leaders, managers, supervisors, and staff wherever they are working.

The Online dashboards are now part of Office Solutions Online and CommsOffice Web reporting products and our range of voice recording products. The new dashboards, call reporting and voice recording will work with any telephone system providing a CDR/SMDR data output. The dashboards and reporting provide an instant insight and window to how teams, staff and the business is performing.

Online Access to Voice Recordings

Access user and team voice recordings, manage, search and add notes online wherever you are working. Ensure new practices are working and adequate measures are in place to comply with GDPR legislation.

Distributed Working

These applications can be deployed cost-effectively in any size or type of business particularly in remote working environments such as distributed and hybrid working environments.

Dashboards, voice recording and call reporting work with any telephone system providing a CDR/SMDR data output. Available feature output is dependent on CDR/SMDR data provided by the telephone system used.

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Posted February 7, 2022

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Posted September 23, 2021

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