Office Workmate

Office Workmate is the latest add-on to the Office Solutions for Business Call Management software designed, manufactured and produced by CommSoftRMS. It manages agents time and shift status efficiently in just a single platform. It allows you to organize, capture and accurately tracks working hours, completed-pending and in-between tasks, attendance and absences of your employees and even control cost implying situations such as over lapping shifts.

For business owners and managers, day-to-day management of their employees can be challenging. Keeping tracks of when they come in, what they do during their shift, when they took their breaks, and when they left for the day takes a lot of time and effort. That’s why owners and managers often rely to time tracking tools to make sure that employees stay productive and get more things done.

Workmate is the latest add-on to the Office Solutions’ Call Management software manufactured and produced by CommSoft RMS. It is a time tracking and productivity software to help you ensure that your team is working efficiently and effectively. Workmate is designed not only to record employee clock in/out but also what they do in between.

It organizes, capture and accurately tracks employee working hours, completedpending and in-between tasks, and attendance/absences. It also offers agents different calling features, right from a dialpad to call handling such as Mute, Hold, and Transfer.


1. Clock In/ Clock out

Employees clock in at the beginning and end of every shift and also for breaks and lunch periods. By recording your employee time, you can accurately pay them only for the hours that they worked. This gives you a clear understanding on how much you spend with labor.

2. Agent Status

Agent Status provide the ability of extensions to be placed into a ‘Not Ready’ (Manual Wrap-Up) state making the extension unavailable for group calls. Agent Status are used to enable extension users, supervisors and managers to control availability in order to perform different tasks such as form filling and other after call tasks, manage telephone absence and keep co-workers informed of user status and presence.

3. Click to Call

Agents will be allowed to call customers without having to manually dial a phone number just by taping an entry from the list of calls on the history tab. By saving your agents some efforts, you can increase their overall performance.

4. Task Tracker

To optimize time, money, and resources, a task management tool is necessary for businessess of all sizes. Workmate allows you to set and designate tasks to employees to ensure that they are using their time to work-related activities. This also helps in identifying the strength and weaknesses of the team thus giving you an idea on improving your workforce.

5. Call Outcome

For sales people, setting up a call outcome is beneficial as it creates a high quality customer prospect list.

6. Agent Dashboard

Motivate and increase your agent engagement with the Agent Dashboard. It typically shows agent’s real-time activity like daily schedule, breaks, and calls statistics. This does not only encourage them to assess their own performance but also to self-manage and deliver the best customer service possible.


  • Improve defficiency.
  • Accelerated work processes.
  • Reduce or eliminate hold time.
  • Reduce administration efforts and costs.
  • Reduce call duration.
  • Handle more calls with the same or less users.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

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