Office Web CTI

Web CTI is an online CTI Client application created and designed by CommSoft RMS. It allows users to perform different CTI, WorkMate, and Campaign-related functions while on-the-go. As a product that showcases portability, it can also be accessed on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari browsers while switching between desktop computers, laptops, and Android-capable mobile phones.

  • Advanced Phone Controls & Intelligent Call Routing.
  • Caller Authentication & Automated screen pop-up.
  • Data Recording & Automated Dialing.
  • Call Recording & Call Notes.
  • Clock-in/Clock-out & Break Modes.

How Web CTI Works:

Web CTI enables call center representatives to manage phone calls from their computers. Call center agents can take a data-driven approach with customer service needs. They have unified information and advanced controls at their fingertips. They are able to have more productive, meaningful conversations and reach solutions quicker.

Listed below are some of the primary functions of Web CTI:

1. Advanced Phone Controls: Call center agents can use advanced phone controls directly from their computers. They will not have to go back and forth between the call center software and their phone. This eliminates distractions and focuses their attention on the customer.

2. Intelligent Call Routing: Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) route calls to the agent best suited to resolve the issue at hand. By knowing where to send calls as they come in, agents are able to meet customer expectations.

3. Caller Authentication: Web CTI allows agents to authenticate callers by comparing the phone number they call from to the information in the database. There is no need to repeat the caller’s personal information.

4. Automated screen pop-up: As the call comes in, a pop-up appears on the agent’s unified desktop, showing information about the person calling. Detailed caller information gives agents the information they need to lead the call.

5. Data Recording: Having information on one platform allows agents to be more efficient. It enables them to provide a more personalized service to the customer. No time is wasted searching through various databases and business tools for the information they need.

6. Call Recording: This gives management insight into how employees are assisting customers. It is crucial to understanding the level of service agents are offering. This leads to improved employee performance which results in increased customer satisfaction.

7. Automated Dialing: With this feature, agents can use methods like double click to call, enter button to call, and redial function to make outgoing calls with ease.

Advantages of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

1. Deliver the best customer experience possible – Offer a more personalized service by knowing who the caller is before answering the call.

2. Speeding up repetitive process improves efficiency – Having customer details at your fingertips significantly reduces call handling times.

3. Automate and get more out of existing technology – By opening your database or application on the correct screen, your agents and users are ready right away without losing valuable seconds finding the correct area, product, tab or screen or to use.

4. Reduce user training time and costs – Because your systems are automated and integrated users spend less time learning and using different applications.