Office Wave

Office Wave offers a massive range of features. However it is most commonly known for Music On-Hold services as well IVR / Auto Answer greeting creation services.

Music on-hold programming is vital part of any marketing program. Those who choose to pass on this office telephone feature are missing out on a valuable opportunity to promote the advantages they offer during the time the caller is on-hold.

And the facts are, that callers actually prefer hearing information they can use about your company and services while on hold, more so than ‘beeps’ or the dreaded ‘dead-air’. When properly produced, these custom created on-hold productions have been proven to reduce the perceived hold time by the caller, as well as getting your client to say, ‘I didn’t know you could help me with that’. Our clients refer to it as ‘entertaining with information’ which is exactly what it is.


All of our turnkey units require minimal support, reduced maintenance and offer increased stability providing you with a reliable and robust platform that will continue.


  • Inform Your Customers of Your Latest Promotions and Offering While Entertaining Them
  • Promote Your Website
  • Educate Them of Your New or Existing Processes
  • Advertise Your New Products Without Having to Spend a Lot