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Organizations reliant on verbal communications with their customers understand the importance of high call volumes and accurate note-taking. Whether call profiles tend to be predominately inbound or outbound, it’s imperative that agents can initiate or respond to customer requests and maintain records.

Having the most up to date information on the screen allows staff to deal with each call quicker hence improving overall call throughput and efficiency. As operators deploy various mobile access technologies such as GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi, Mobile WiMAX, and LTE, they end up with multiple vendors and multiple silos for mobile access.

This platform possesses a high degree of system intelligence that allows a mobile operator to understand the details of each subscriber session, manage individual subscriber policies and control network traffic flow. Let’s look at the features of CommsOffice Online Integration.

1. Personalize interactions with context – Synchronize interaction data and history giving insight into the customer’s journey.

2. Increase agent efficiency – Integrate contact center controls.

3. Deploy and maintain with ease – Pre-built integrations that are ready to deploy eliminate costs of custom integration. Update or upgrade at your convenience.

4. Automate interaction handling – Leverage customer data to optimize interactions. Ensure routing to the best-qualified agent.

By utilizing CommsOffice Online’s flexible and modular computer telephony integration, it is possible to achieve the right solution for your business whatever its size or requirements.

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