Office DeskMate and DeskMatePRO

Deskmate and Deskmate Pro are the newest addition to the range of reporting, monitoring, recording, and CTI software solutions created, designed and manufactured by CommSoft RMS, It is a software application that can be installed on an internet-connected device which enables users to perform computer telephony integration functions with audio and video call navigation and messaging without a ‘real’ telephone. It can run on you windows pc(Deskmate) or on you mobile devices (Deskmate Pro).

with DeskMate and Deskmate Pro, you have an opportunity to gain a wealth of information about your business operation. It helps you do analytics from identifying call types to tracing the origin and duration of calls. it is de-signed to track call traffic, improve data management, and provide notifications throughout a corporate network.

By capturing and recording your business’ telephone usage, you can track when, how and why calls are placed to received. Analyzing the patterns of usage allows you to see potential areas to save on busi-ness operational costs.

It gives you a more efficient workforce that result in better work productivity, lower telecommunications costs, and improved customer satisfaction through quality customer support.

Key Features:

1. Audio Calls Multi-Line System (Up to 4 Lines)

Multi-line system improves productivity by allowing ease on communication between agents and customers. It is designed to permit multiple calls (up to 4 lines) on one extension at the same time. These lines can either be internal or external. External lines let you communicate with your customers while internal lines allow you to communicate with your employees and colleagues.

2. Call Line Indicator

This gives you a visual indication of which phone line is/are free, active, or receiving a ring signal.

3. Call Information

Shows you the caller number, name (if registered in the system), call style, duration and location.

4. Call Conferencing

When you can’t get everyone together face to face, getting them on the same phone call at the same time is the next best thing. Call conferencing gives you the opportunity to talk to more than one recipient remotely thus it’s cost saving for having less travel time and expenses for all parties. It can also be done anytime anywhere.

5. Video Call

Video call gives you the benefit of face-to-face conversation without having both parties being together physically. This is the practical option for any business that prioritizes cost effectiveness and communication.

6. Call Recording

Easily determine the strengths and weaknesses of your customer service by listening to calls. With DeskMate’s call recording feature, analyze your employees’ handling skills, gain insights about your customers, train employees, and improve sales strategy. It can also be used as an aid to dispute resolution.

7. Hold Functionality

When a call is put on hold, the other line is presented with hold music which can be customized if available on your system.

8. Call Forwarding

Increase mobility without reducing communication with call forwarding. Because you can port calls directly to your cellphone, travel or simply step out of the office without missing an important call. You can also forward calls to available employees when you’re unavailable to receive them

9. Call Transfer

Place an existing call to another phone number or extension. Both blind and attended call transfer is available on DeskMate.

10. Call History

Keep track of all your call records’ key information such as the total number of calls made and received, unanswered calls, caller number, date and time, and duration of the call.

11. Chat Messaging

Communicate with people anywhere in the world in real time and deliver messages in a matter of seconds. Unlike email, chat has an immediate back and forth exchange of messages between users. Also, with its file sharing capability, it is easy to send/attach file and photo into another user.

12. Absent Messages

Setup absent message when you’re unavailable to receive calls.

13. Call Waiting

Be notified of an incoming call while you’re already on the line. This feature allows you to put the active call on hold to answer the second call. In this case, you won’t be missing any calls, and your customers will feel valued by talking to a real person and not a voicemail.

14. DTMF

Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) is used for telecommunication signaling between telephone handsets and switching centers in voice-frequency bands.

15. Break modes

Break Modes provide the ability for extensions to be placed into a ‘Not Ready’ (Manual Wrap-Up) state making the extension unavailable for group calls. Break Modes are used to enable extension users, supervisors and managers to control availability in order to perform different tasks such as form filling and other after call tasks, manage telephone absence and keep co-workers informed of user status and presence.