Introducing DeskMate

New Challenges

COVID-19 has left many companies and their now remote workers facing new communications difficulties. Many are struggling to maintain consistent levels of sales, productivity, and service. Businesses have had to move from an on-premise environment with established business telephone and IT systems to dispersed home working environments. To be able to cope with these new distributed modes of operation efficiently and fluidly, employees, supervisors, and managers need new tools that make team communication and collaboration more efficient and unified.

A New Application

CommSoft has produced a new SIP client softphone called DeskMate, which is not only designed for a distributed workforce but is also specifically developed to work with any PBX as long as there is a SIP extension. This provides users with a unified communications client and adds new functionality while keeping ROI on existing telephone systems intact.

The Key to Collaboration

DeskMate adds business telephone capabilities and more to a device that team members already use such as a home PC or laptop. Simply log on to provide office desk facilities at home and on the move. DeskMate provides real-time presence, messaging, and voice communication for any employee or team wherever they are working.

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