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At a time when the growing desire for success demands growing efficiency in the workplace, the struggle often lies in trying to accomplish more in the span of a few short office hours. Central to effective service is the ability of a business to provide its customers satisfaction that, most often than not, relies on the speed of their ability to deliver. Today’s fast-paced time requires businesses instantaneous results of which demand increased levels of employee productivity, and the advantage a constantly evolving world is that tools to achieve such goals are simply at the fingertips of those who realize the significance of the assistance they provide.

Efficiency is Key

According to Alex Tebbs, the co-founder and sales director at VIA, the UK’s largest Hosted Skype for Business Solutions, “a more efficient business demands a more efficient infrastructure – and one that is more modern in its approach” (Engagement Optimization, 2019). As businesses strive to grow, expectations increase – and in order to fulfill the myriad of requirements brought about by the desire to succeed, essential to a company is any tool that may contribute to the increased productivity of its employees. There are plenty of tools that enable companies to boost overall productivity, but it is crucial to find those that not only encourage employees to do more, but also enable them to take their breaks and relax.

When dealing with guests, customers, clients, or residents, hotels, offices, schools, or any other type of serviced environment can use a tool with streamlined time tracking that would increase work productivity and improve time management to provide employees and agents alike the assistance they need to ultimately boost efficiency. WorkMate arms agents with the tools to maximize their work hours and take well-deserved breaks through time management and call function navigation features in a single user-friendly application. It contains several features developed for the purpose of being a user-friendly guide to better time management:

Clock In and Clock Out setting helps employees monitor their daily work duration with ease through a timer that begins upon clock in at the beginning of the day and ends upon clock out at the end, and enable supervisors to monitor the time efficiency of their workforce.

Customized Break Modes allow employees to go on their needed breaks and set alarms to keep themselves on-track with their schedules.

Task Organizing and Tracking enables employees to oversee their given tasks and monitor their pending and completed work.

Task Alarms and Reminders may be set to notify an employee of their deadlines.

On-desktop Dial Pads allow employees to interact with their contacts or other employees using single-click call control functions right on their desktops for quick and convenient navigation.

WorkMate fosters a continuously-improving productive culture whilst cultivating the value of work-life balance for an overall increase in both employee productivity and encouragement.

A must-have for any company seeking to succeed, WorkMate has trained and kept employees grounded at work, letting them find their own approach to develop at their own pace. WorkMate is developed by CommSoft RMS and may be found at https://commsoft-

Time is of the Essence

The ability to continuously evolve, innovate, and adapt to new technologies has become paramount to business in the modern age. The seemingly relentless advance of technology drives the pace of change that businesses strive to match as both their survival and victory depend on their ability to respond to these changes as quickly as they come. Timing is now perhaps the most important factor that determines the status of a company’s efficiency at work, hence the imperative call for strategies to maximize manpower productivity.

Beyond having a sufficient number of workers come the power brought about by their individual abilities to contribute substantial outputs promptly. Sometimes, it is the simple tools that build the framework that effectively brings about significant change and yields outstanding improvement from employees. All it takes is finding the right ones to use to your advantage and encourage constant growth among all in the workplace – just as CommSoft RMS uses WorkMate to maintain its prolific, relentless work culture.

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