How to Prioritize your Workload like a Pro with Office WorkMate

In a global marketplace, one of the biggest challenges for managers and team leaders is prioritizing their workload. Prioritization is determining the relative importance or urgency of a task, thing, or event. It’s an essential skill for working professionals and project managers to achieve their goals and get their work done.

Getting your priorities right reduces stress, helps you focus, and boosts productivity. It also helps you gain work-life balance as you create better frontiers for your day. When priorities are stacking up, you need a coherent tool to take you from a state of feeling overwhelmed to being in control.

Office WorkMate provides real-time insight into your team’s tasks so you can manage your team workload. Discover the best strategies for prioritizing your workload like a professional with Office WorkMate.

1. Create a master list.

To give yourself a complete overview, put together a full list of projects and processes your team handles. With a big picture of your team’s work, you can break it into smaller goals. Determine the scope and duration of work for each. Are these big, complex projects with many deliverables, or are these smaller in scope?

With Office WorkMate, you can practice efficient productivity and sound personal organization. It is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to plan your day in a way that creates the right value for your business.

2. Rank work based on importance and urgency.

Effective prioritization comes from knowing the full scope of what you need to get done. When looking at how to categorize tasks best, consider the following and then deal with them accordingly:

Urgent and Important: Do these tasks right away.

Important, but not urgent: Decide when you’ll do these.

Urgent, but not important: Delegate these tasks to someone else.

Neither urgent nor important: Drop these from your schedule.

Tasks with the greatest influence are the ones connected to creating and delivering value for the customers. Office WorkMate enables you to work on the important tasks that will move you in the right direction and eventually drive you to the desired results. It boosts employee performance and provides satisfaction to your team at the end of each day.

3. Organize your workload.

Before any actual work begins, you must structure your team’s workload to ensure the success of a project. Visualize for a moment the steps it takes to complete a project from start to finish. Decide on who will work on what.

Make sure that the team member has both the expertise and tenacity required to complete it on time. The team should work on the highest priority tasks first. Accomplishing complex tasks early on can ease the mental exhaustion and stress of a project.

Office WorkMate helps your team keep a log of their tasks so they know how long it takes to complete them. It allows them to plan their week ahead, especially when setting reasonable time scales for their to-do list.

Office WorkMate allows you to assign tasks for your employees and helps in identifying the strength and weaknesses of the team for training opportunities.

Inspire your team to develop their own system to manage their workload. When there’s a lot to do, it’s important that they’re doing the right things. Recommend time management strategies that fit their individual styles.

Cut the number of meetings it required your team to attend. Discover new means to communicate that don’t take as much time. Encourage your team to realize how an organized plan saves time. Office WorkMate integrates with your favorite business tools. The team switches less between apps and spends more time on their most important work.

4. Set realistic deadlines.

It is imperative to measure the time it will take you to accomplish each task and gain that sense of achievement at the end of your working day. If you are too optimistic, this will only lead to frustration.

Concentrate on the most crucial tasks. The Pareto principle states that of the things we do during our day, eighty percent of our work contributes less than twenty percent of its value. Focus on the most important twenty percent that will have the biggest impact on your business and personal life.

Allow time for interruptions. Do the more urgent work during the times you are less likely to get interrupted. That way, you can focus better and perform the tasks quicker.

5. Review your workload.

By assessing your workload, you’ll be able to tick off several completed list items, giving you that feeling of accomplishment. Adjust workloads as needed to track how each team member is managing their current workloads. Be proactive by setting a regular check-in with your team members for updates. If a team member feels overloaded with responsibilities, check to see who might be able to take on something else.

Motivate your agent engagement with WorkMate Dashboard. It shows your agent’s real-time activities, including breaks and call statistics. It encourages them to evaluate their own performance and deliver the best customer service possible.

Set your team up for success.

Workload management is all about assigning work and managing those tasks on your projects. Do you feel motivated to improve your time and workload management skills? Office WorkMate helps you sort through conflicting deadlines and priorities. Office WorkMate gives you the clarity to work more while keeping everyone moving in the same direction towards the same goals.

Being productive is about seeing the big picture and understanding that progress builds. Efficient teams do things right, whereas effective teams do the right thing. Office WorkMate empowers your team to be both efficient and effective—to ensure they’re doing the right things right.

Enable every team to focus on executing the work that grows your business. Be productive and get more things done in less time with Office WorkMate.

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