How to Manage Your Customer Service Queues?

Good communication is vital and customers hate waiting.  But just how important are response times? The answer: Very important!  A survey by Nielsen shows that 33% of customers would still recommend a brand that was quick to reply, even if the response was not complete.

So when it comes to providing positive service, be quick!

This can be achieved if you already have information about who the customer is.  In other words, you need to have all the relevant information at your fingertips to solve the request much faster.

CommsOffice CTI enables you to combine your telephone and computer systems, providing a unified and automated method of handling customer interaction.

Web CTI is the browser-based version of CommsOffice CTI and is designed to run on both computer and mobile devices (Android/Windows computers, tablets, and Smartphones) and provide a common user interface across all screen sizes, screen types (touch screen and non-touch screen), and internet browsers.

Here are the ways Web CTI helps you manage customer service queues:

1. Agents can make and receive calls directly from their computer.

Call center agents can make and receive calls from their computer with just a click of a mouse. Additionally, with call control in the browser (i.e., answer, hang up, transfer, hold, mute, etc.), agents never have to go back and forth between their call center software and desk phone when handling calls.

2. Agents know exactly who is calling before they answer the phone.

With automated screen pop, call center agents can view detailed information about the caller. This significantly reduces handle time as agents don’t have to dig through multiple databases and

3. Automatic authentication of the caller

This saves a significant amount of time in having to repeat customer’s account information over and over again so the agent can pull up their account.

4. The integration of relevant caller information into a unified dashboard

This allows agents to be more efficient when handling calls and provide more personalized service to the customer.

Most progressive call centers leverage call center software with CTI functionality.  It has helped these call centers gain a competitive edge in their industry as it enables them to take a more data-driven approach to interact with their callers.

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