1. Identify your most expensive calls/person/department

Tracking and analyzing the telephone usage back to responsible employees and departments will reduce variable usage costs.

2. Cost reduction

Call accounting solutions are designed to focus on providing proper reporting for the raw data that is collected from telecom resources. These reports can be used to help companies make proper business decisions that will allow them to save money.

3. Cost allocation.

Call accounting can also be used to identify which telecom costs should be billed to which franchise, department, or employee. Through Extension Summary and Organizational Detail Reports, companies can review listings of each call made or received by employees and departments. These reports include information such as dates, times, durations, trunk facilities used, call costs, digits dialed and destinations. By reviewing these details, organizations can determine call costs and use those findings to better allocate money. If money is being used wisely, less will be wasted, and that’s an overall win for any company.

4. Boost employee productivity

Call accounting is a great tool to help show your employees how they can better communicate and improve their work practices. When you know many calls are coming in, when they are being made and how long the calls are averaging, you now have hard data to help manage communication tactics.

For example, you can evaluate the differences and effectiveness of your sales employees and responsiveness of customer service staff by seeing the calling patterns and phone activity metrics. Call reporting helps you reduce productivity loss by minimizing non-business calling activity and seeing which trunks and extensions are unused. If there are any internal abuses of the phone system itself, you can also use that information to improve the efficiency of your workforce.

5. Lowers operational costs and increases revenues

When you collect call detail record (CDR) data, you have information at your fingertips about numbers dialed, incoming call origins, extensions used to make calls and then length of conversations. There’s also an ability to search and analyze the phone usage data so you can help allocate costs back to certain departments or even individual employees. This makes budgeting of your business phone system expenses that much more targeted and accurate. In the long run, it can help you reduce your telecommunication costs overall.

6. Optimize network usage

Small businesses can, through call accounting, determine if their voice and data networks are being utilized efficiently, at capacity, or underutilized. Call accounting makes it possible to see the queue times, any abandoned calls and other useful stats so you can allocate resources accordingly and plan going forward. Because web-based call accounting can also be platform independent, you can access your network data from any device and operation system, and different managers can even pull reports accordingly from any laptop, tablet or mobile device.

7. Useful metrics can help identify security threats

Monitoring and analyzing data on your phone system supports managers in tracking and reporting on expenses, but it also can protect your company from internal and external security threats. Call accounting can show you what, if any network attacks there were, or any attempted intrusions into the network by easily showing any activity that deviates from normal usage through alerts. This tool helps with corporate accounting practices too and automates the monitoring of sales and financial performance.

8. Improve Organization

You can feel confident that your paperwork is under control with job sheet software. It will help in improving the level of your business as a whole. Using software for different tasks will save you a minimum of one hour each day, which you might have spent pursuing unsettled invoices or pursuing job sheets whether for electricians, plumbers or other tradesmen. You want your company to feel as organized as possible. You will feel at ease knowing where everything is and that it’s easily accessible. Moreover, your ability to issue an invoice at the tap of a key will guarantee that you’re paid quickly, making you actually feel like you’re in absolute control.

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