How Much Call Traffic Should You Be Getting?

When call volume is much more than what you expect, it can be overwhelming.  It’s common for call center agents to blame other people for their problems.  When there’s a backlog of service requests that stretches back for weeks, customers will begin to call any number they can find.  They need to get someone that might be able to help.

If calls are bouncing from one department to another, a quality monitoring application is essential to make sure you’re hitting targets.  There is a need to have the right call intelligence solution in place.

Office Pro is a call accounting application that monitors how well your company or organization is dealing with existing and potential new customers.  This comprehensive call management solution connects to your telephone system.  It provides real-time information relating to calls being made or received in your business.

Office Pro provides real-time call monitoring, reporting, and management.  It has powerful tools to track and control telephone usage, as well as staff performance in any organization.  It is now within reach of any business and helps in improving efficiency, driving sales, and maintaining customer service levels.

The location site, group, and agent performance are monitored using live wallboards, supervisor, and call center views.  Extensive historical reporting for agent service level agreement and key performance indicators help manage and drive efficiency.

Wallboards make it easier to manage busy times by providing timely and useful information about the current status of the call flow.  Supervisors can make informed decisions based on real-time statistics.

You can have unlimited wallboards on supervisors’ desktops, and on group screens deployed throughout your organization.  Office Pro™ provides status information and improves both employee performance and team morale.

A call analytics solution like Office Pro™ can help you sustain the surge of calls.  People should be calling your business not because they have to but because they want to. Office Pro™ is the ultimate communications management solution for monitoring, improving, and maintaining business performance.

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