Finding the Best Low Budget Solution for your Business: CommsOffice Pro

Choosing the right telecommunication solution is crucial because it will control the quality of your customer experience. But finding the best technology to meet the high demands of your business can be a challenge. It’s difficult to determine the difference among the solutions available by simply reading online reviews and browsing through the company’s website.

To make the right decision, you must be strategic about your choice and evaluate not only the features of the call management software but also the capabilities of the provider. CommSoft RMS enables businesses to reach their full potential by providing world-class telecommunication management solutions.

CommsOffice Pro Features:

Unlimited wallboards – You can have unlimited wallboards on supervisors’ PC desktops and on group screens deployed throughout your organization, providing status information and improving both performance and team morale.

Live call management information – Timely and useful information about the current status of call flow allows supervisors to make critical decisions based on real-time statistics.

View agent and group status – The List View provides a live agent and group status screen which allows a supervisor or manager to view the team performance.

Reports on calls through auto attendant queues – By understanding what your customers are commonly calling about, you can customize your Auto Attendant and reduce the number of times your team answers a call that is not related to their job responsibilities.

Individually customizable wallboards – Busy times become easier to manage by providing timely and useful information about the current status of the call flow.

Detailed cluster reporting – You can put together data into reports that allow you to see the big picture and analyze different aspects of your business.

Advanced contact center SLA reports – Reports on explicit details of the service like quality, availability, and responsibilities agreed between the service provider, and the user is available.

Login agents from the application – It allows both agents and supervisors to control login and log out to match call loads.

Communication solutions are no longer an economic challenge. You get all of the Unified Communication bundles at one price without nasty add-on license fees.

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