Empowering Your Contact Center During a Time of Instability with CommsOffice Web CTI

Contact centers are now operating in a world that was a lot different from what it was a few months ago. It’s an ever-changing landscape, where contact centers now need to be thinking strategically. Improving operational efficiency and performance are critical to empowering your contact center.

Here are three critical initiatives to empower your contact center:

1. Boost Productivity and Efficiency

Increased agent efficiency and productivity turn call centers from a cost expense into a profit.  The solution is to combine agent behaviors and processes with call center business intelligence.

CommsOffice Web CTI provides a unified and automated method of handling customer interaction.   Get customers to the right agent and equip agents with the tools they need to solve customer issues.

Call center management solutions are crucial in helping companies provide customer experiences. With the selection of the right telephony and ACD system, a contact center can take advantage of live call monitoring and coaching.

CommsOffice Web CTI helps your employees communicate and improve their work practices.  It gives you a variety of real-time metrics to help you manage communication tactics.

2. Improve Employee Engagement

Appreciation is a basic human need, but it’s one largely ignored in the workplace. With an effective employee engagement strategy, you can ensure your agents are well-prepared, motivated, and ready for each new service interaction.

Agents can feel empowered through meetings that invite their opinions on ways service can be improved.  Through employee engagement, companies can boost their employees’ motivation, build confidence in their work, and lead them to deliver exceptional customer service.

Using CommsOffice Web CTI with advanced features ensures a quicker and more efficient service.

3. Reduce Costs

One way to control costs is to analyze which expenses are essential and which ones are not. Analyze how the agents are taking calls and how the customers are responding.  The agents should have the skills and knowledge to solve a variety of problems.

Leveraging the computer telephony integration features to enhance agent performance will go a long way to decreasing costs.

CommsOffice Web CTI increases their skill at meeting the caller’s needs and eliminates inefficient workflow.  The phone dial pad is right where it should be–next to the caller’s data. It also expedites the caller verification process.

With CommsOffice Web CTI, agents will spend less time on the phone. There’s no need to go back and forth between their phone and customer data to verify the caller’s identity.  The result? Decreased handle time, increased customer service quality, and lower cost per call.

As a product that showcases portability, CommsOffice Web CTI can be accessed on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari browsers while switching between desktop computers, laptops, and even Android-capable mobile phones.

Are you ready to empower your contact center during this time of instability? Talk to us.

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