Amazing Features of Office Online Call Management Solution

Managing a call center can be difficult, but with the proper processes and technology in place, you can be assured that quality and quantity performance is achieved.

1. Unbelievable Real-Time Monitoring & Analysis

Get real-time contact center performance analytics and insight into emerging trends. Being able to scrutinize call durations, costs, and other useful metrics can help supervisors and managers make informed decisions on issues such as employee performance, staffing, and training needs.

2. Seamless Workforce Management

Managers could reduce staffing costs as the company knows the correct number of staff required with software that helps in analyzing workforce metrics.

3. Highly Intuitive Interface

Agents can quickly access real-time reports and see call center forecasts and performance metrics with an interactive and intuitive interface

4. Supreme Call Recording and Call Flow Visualizer

It provides easy call center queue management as agents can record calls and listen to them later thus reducing call waiting time

5. Great Applications for Coaching and Monitoring Agents

This allows a supervisor or any third person to interact with an operator without the caller hearing, thereby enabling training and mentoring.

6. Unparalleled Historical Reporting

Management can access historical reports for crucial customer data anytime.

Office Online complements the existing CommsOffice Solutions client-server range of applications. A single application server with web services provides browser access, which significantly simplifies deployment, user access, and ongoing support. Users can now access telephone system analytics and performance-related data from anywhere with internet access.

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