Businesses have spent the last year figuring out how to adapt to the pandemic. This crisis has shown us an enormous paradigm shift on how we lead our organizations. It forced us to cope, to thrive and to survive.

Though the fight against the COVID-19 hasn’t been won yet, it is evident that more businesses are now transitioning to the new normal. Some are now shifting to remote work while others are going back to the buildings adapting new guidelines, such as changing the workspace layout allowing people to work farther apart or reducing the number of people going to the office at the same time.

But whatever changes you are considering to get back up on business, whether you are planning a work from home setup, or going back to the office, or setting up meetings with your customers, or thinking about going on a much awaited vacation, INTAGate is the perfect solution for you. INTAGate will keep you up to date with everything that is going on your business wherever your workspace is.

Having an easy-to-use communication and monitoring tool, one that is scalable, powered by advanced automation, and offers excellent security, will surely ensure your business’ continuity. INTAGate seamlessly integrates with CommSoft’s Office Solutions for communication and management that provides the most feature-rich system backed up by 24/7 technical support. INTAGate gives you a unified communication bundles for just ONE price with no nasty add-on license fees or third-party add-on provider’s prices.

Attaining a significant level of productivity with the post pandemic is a crucial consideration for you and your staff. So, if you are looking for an affordable and supportive telecommunication system for your business, stop your search right here.

Do not miss out on the chance to switch over to INTAGate. It is your lifeline in this unprecedented time to stay connected and make your business future-ready.

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Posted February 7, 2022

Posted February 7, 2022

Posted September 23, 2021

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