5 Ways to Optimize Workforce Productivity with Office Pro

In today’s digital business environment, what gives your company a competitive edge is your organization’s ability to integrate your workforce, emerging technology, and operational processes. An increase in workforce quality and the ability to empower your employees will lead to an exceptional customer experience.

Companies that improved their customer service focused on modernizing their workforce management. Businesses must integrate and manage technology to ensure that systems, data, and applications can support streamlined processes.

Office Pro is a single and multi-site call management application that monitors how well your organization deals with customers. This comprehensive business call management application connects to your telephone system.

It provides instant real-time graphical information relating to incoming and outbound calls. Office Pro includes real-time caller, user, and group information that was only available in larger contact centers.

Applying the correct technology setup and helping your workforce perform at its best is challenging.

Here are ways to optimize your workforce productivity with Office Pro.

1. Analyze the quality of communication.

More organizations recognize that customer experience is a top priority. Communication centers are attempting to analyze the quality of conversation with their customers. Office Pro shows your employees how to communicate better and improve their work practices.

By capturing and recording your business’s telephone usage and events, you can monitor when, how, and why your agents make or receive calls, which allows for data analysis and reporting in real-time. Managers can provide insights to coach their employees and streamline workflows.
Office Pro call reporting helps reduce productivity loss by minimizing non-business calling activity. It also identifies which trunks and extensions are unused. It boosts customer experience by analyzing, managing, and optimizing your workforce.

2. Discover the root cause of customer conduct and employee behavior.

While it is crucial for the companies to address the concern of their customers, it is a must for them to know the reasons for their calls. These could be the duration of being on hold, the need to explain an issue to different agents, and the lack of a satisfactory resolution. When companies understand the concerns of their customers, they can improve their experience as well.

Office Pro helps to analyze past and current customer activities and figure out the reason for their repeated calls. By analyzing the communications center data, you can identify flaws in the process. As a result, your clients will get the solutions they need with the satisfaction they want.

Office Pro‘s call recording captures the audio from customer interactions. It provides insights into the agent process to heighten coaching beyond the content of the conversation.
Office Pro employs a data-centric approach to employee productivity. It captures any user activity and behavior data. It helps you with identifying call types to tracing the origin and duration of calls.

Your phone system is one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal to give you a competitive edge. With Office Pro, you gain a wealth of information at your fingertips.

3. Work on the performance and skills of the employees.

Agents are the representatives of the company to the customers. There are several ways of involving them to bring about improved customer experiences. Giving them the right training opportunities and sharing performance insights keeps them committed to their job.

Office Pro provides in-depth reports on how employees and departments spend their time and helps managers identify high-performing employees and those who need improvement. It helps develop and engage agents by offering real-time and historical dashboards. It allows you to address skill deficiencies to provide effective and appropriate training.

Office Pro enables managers to record calls for training and performance evaluation purposes. Seeing the patterns of usage means you can see potential areas to save on operational costs moving on.

Employees have an organized schedule and preferences set right for their work assignments. It leaves them with ample time for training and coaching sessions. It enables you to check both agent and call center performance by tracking and measuring call center metrics and key performance indicators.

4. Reduce the queue times.

Organizations can find out if their voice and data structures are being used effectively or not. Office Pro makes it possible to see the queue times, any abandoned calls, and other useful statistics. It means there are no waiting times for the customers trying to connect to the communication centers.

There are no idle times on the agents’ side, which cut the operational costs for the company. It becomes easier for you to allot resources and make plans for the future. You can hire agents that have the skills for the job.

Office Pro allows you to monitor work time, sessions, and activity levels to determine when users are most productive. We designed it to help businesses automate dialing and routing of calls to live agents.

The Today screen provides a quick graphical view of what’s going on in the system at any point during the current day or for any date range selected. You can set the screen up as required from a list of charts then filtered to display the exact information required.

The List View provides a live agent and group status screen allowing a supervisor or manager to understand how their team is performing. Simple icons display a user’s current status, that is, on an inbound/outbound call or logged out.

It also displays if any agents are in Break Mode and will show the time they have been in that state. Scrolling to the right will reveal other columns of data for that user for the day.

5. Reduce labor costs and operating expenses.

Office Proallows for a proper analysis of data collected, enabling management to understand and take steps to improve employee productivity.

When you collect call detail record (CDR) data with Office Pro, you have information about the numbers dialed, incoming call origins, extensions used to make calls, and the duration of conversations at your fingertips.

Wallboards make busy times easier to manage by providing timely and useful information about the current status of the call flow. You can search and analyze the phone usage data to help allocate costs back to certain departments or even individual employees.

No matter where your team works, Office Pro can save your time, reduce operational costs, and help team members work more productively.

The Bottom Line

Business managers who want to drive their communication center ahead of the competition should determine relevant call center key performance indicators. This will allow them to make more knowledgeable decisions that will have a measurable impact on their call center’s performance.

CommSoft’sadvanced technology delivers a flexible solution that maximizes productivity while lowering administrative costs.

Office Pro is a fully integrated call accounting technology and unified communications management solution across a wide spectrum of business processes. It enables companies to boost productivity, improve customer experience and make better business decisions.

It’s a comprehensive program that aims at improving communications center performance by combining several activities such as recording, quality management, workforce supervision, speech analytics, agent coaching, and so much more.

Putting together a productive team is hard work, but you can build an effective team with the right tools. With Office Pro, your business can be well on its way to success.

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