4 Benefits of DeskMate Pro

The real challenge faced by call accounting and management solution is to keep operations smooth-running and make the process of handling calls efficient so that neither the agents nor the customers end up frustrated.

DeskMate Pro is the mobile application for Office CTI Client, which provides a unified and automated method of handling customer interaction. It enables the user to perform computer telephony integration functions. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of DeskMate Pro.

Benefits of DeskMate Pro:

1. Deliver the best customer experience possible – knowing the caller’s identity before greeting them allows the user to offer a more personalized service.

2. Improve efficiency by speeding up the repetitive process – having customer details to hand significantly reduces call handling times.

3. Maximize the use of existing technology – your agents and users are ready to answer the call without losing valuable time looking for the exact data, product, or screen, by opening your database or application on the right screen.

4. Reduce costs – users spend less time learning and using different applications because your systems are automated and integrated.

From the overall view to the details that matter, manage your business with DeskMate Pro.

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