3 Tips to Get Call Center Statistics That Count

3 Tips to Get Call Center Statistics That Count

How does a contact center know it’s delivering high-quality service? It begins with setting the right metrics. The key performance indicators (KPIs) will measure a business’ specific capacities. Here are three tips to get call center statistics that count.

1. Optimize groups of calls.

Create many groups to categorize customers according to the type of needed support.

2. Enable faster access to customer information.

When your customer’s information pops up, call times will be significantly shorter.

3. Analyze calls that ended without a resolution.

You can access all calls from your browser, thanks to the recording call feature.

Office Online

is one of the latest addition to the CommSoft RMS Office Business Solutions’ array of reporting, monitoring, recording, and CTI software applications. You can now access via their web browser a comprehensive range of telephone system analytics.  All you need is an internet connection and a browser.

Measuring KPIs are imperative to the success of a contact center.  However, what is most important is the accuracy of the data at your disposal and what you do with the information you acquire from each one.  A call center solution should help agents to make better-informed decisions.

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