Serviced Offices

Establishing and maintaining telephone system businesses resources and usage for the serviced office or campus environments can seem like a daunting prospect.


Whether you need to bill your clients telephone usage, control or cap outgoing call spend, screen and announce incoming calls based on DID/DDI numbers, record some or all calls, i'ts essential that you can provide the most effective and easily administered solutions, whilst minimising the risk of costly mistakes.

Office Voice and Office Pro reporting enables supervisors and managers to develop key metrics and establish, monitor and control employee performance boosting and maintaining productivity.

Office Voice and Office Pro will:

  • Easy to use applications
  • Secure login access
  • Quickly & easily report & bill outgoing or incoming calls
  • Record all/specific inbound/outbound calls
  • Securely access recordings by user logon
  • Extract, export or email whole or particular sections of call recordings
  • Monitor & report performance of all/individual or blocks of extensions or lines

Applicable Products:

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