CTI Software

Integrating your telephone system with your customer facing and back office applications creates a superior customer interaction, allowing users and agents to instantly focus on the customer’s need without having to put them on hold or ask repetitive account and other reference information.


Outbound calling is more efficient with agents and users able to click to dial from any application and use built in dialling facilities. This increases efficiency and throughput resulting in happy customers and more productive staff.

CTI Benefits

  • Improved efficiency
  • Accelerated work processes
  • Reduce or eliminate hold time
  • Reduction of administration efforts and costs
  • Reduce call length
  • Handle more calls with the same or less users/agents
  • Increased customer satisfaction and engagement

Database and CRM Integration
Having the most appropriate data on screen allows staff to deal with each call quicker, hence improving overall call throughput and efficiency. Office Solutions has a range of applications, which will integrate CRM systems and database records with users/agents PC’s and associated extension telephone.

More on – Database Integration
More on – CRM Database Integration Table

Applicable Products:

CTI Client Tray Menu Answer Call

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Compact Call Recorder
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Database Integration
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