Office Campaign

Organisations that are reliant on outbound telemarketing understand the importance of high call volumes and accurate note taking. Office Campaign could potentially double the productivity of staff by automating the outbound call flow.

Features at a glance

  • Live call queue and call management information
  • Automates outbound dialling from your users phones
  • Import data from .csv or ODBC databases
  • Import up to 10 field of data
  • Easy create, schedule and allocate agents to campaigns
  • Define agent ‘wrap up’ timers
  • Pop script documents for each campaign
  • Agents select from configurable call outcomes
  • Option to dial secondary number on no answer
  • Accurately report on results

Compatible with:

Panasonic KX-TDA*, KX-TDE, KX-NCP and KX-NS1000
Connection: TAPI/CSTA across LAN

*Panasonic KX-TDA requires optional CTI Link Card


intro-thumb Commsoft Office™
expresss-thumb Commsoft Office™
pro-thumb Commsoft Office™
voice-compact-thumb Commsoft Office™
Compact Call Recorder
voice-ultimate-thumb Commsoft Office™
Ultimate Call Recorder
cti-thumb Commsoft Office™
campaign-thumb Commsoft Office™
front-office-thumb Commsoft Office™
Front Office
db-integration-thumb Commsoft Office™
Database Integration
wave-thumb Commsoft Office™
outlook-addin-thumb Commsoft Office™
Outlook Addin
supervisor-thumb Commsoft Office™
wallboard-thumb Commsoft Office™

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